Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Back to basics Tuesday: no automatic replies, ever

Reliance on canned answers and impersonal boilerplate communication does not make you look like a person anyone would like to do business with.

You need to be different, better, sharper, more memorable than the rest.

Never allow Linkedin to send the standard “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” (or whatever it says–they are so bland that I ignore these completely!).

If you ask someone to connect, you MUST use a personal invitation, referring to a person who referred you, a situation in which you met, a shared group, or a common interest.

Don’t be usual. Be personal, be giving from the get-go. An example is what I wrote extending an invitation to connect with someone after we spoke on a zoom call and unearthed some gritty ways we are following the same subject matter. I say, connect to collaborate:

“Nice to meet you today on our call. Please join my amazing group of professional connections on LinkedIn. On our topic of personal brand perception, I have an article that came across my desk that I want to share with you: {URL link}. Hope you like it and you will send me your impressions. Best, Marc

My point: connect to people you get to know who show great tangible promise to contribute to you and you to them. Someone has to throw the ball first: nurture them immediately as an on-boarding habit. Encourage further interchange of ideas. Show you care. Follow up.

They will see how you differentiate yourself.

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