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Back to basics Tuesday: 6 ways to make sure that day away keeps you in contact

Let’s say you go out on a day full of appointments (because we now can).

Or you take a day, hopefully more, off.

But how do you keep up to speed on your emails, podcasts, social media, especially LinkedIn? You download the mobile apps for each, including LinkedIn.

Is the LinkedIn mobile app as good an experience as the desktop? IMHO, no, but it’s all we get, so make the most of it.

Six pieces of mobile Linkedin app advice for today:

  1. Stay on top of your messages and notifications. Yes, they are found in different places on the mobile version than the desktop, but stay in the conversation no matter the device you use. Missing a day can mean lost opportunities, and you don’t want that, right?
  2. Be in the moment when an appointment suddenly changes and you are now destined to meet a different person. Read up on him/her on the mobile app to be ready and prepared to break the ice by showing you did your homework, even if last-minute. Weave your new knowledge about them into the conversation naturally and they will be impressed.
  3. Check the voice recording of the pronunciation of their name (hopefully they have added this) to be sure you do not stumble and seem ill-at-ease with their most cherished possession, their name. Check for a small speaker icon after their name on their profile. Click it with the smartphone speakers turned up.
  4. Be ready to shoot some raw video on your smartphone to post something that needs to be shared with your connection base immediately. Short, to the point, and add some words as comments to tell them what they are about to see–this will enhance click-throughs. And hopefully, comments.
  5. Look at their LinkedIn posts, Stories, comments, to see what they have commented on recently, what their interests are. Make that part of your conversation too.
  6. Finally, be sure you show your mobile phone number on your contact details. Not your office number. Be ready to receive mobile calls and texts, being in the moment, while on the go.

Ace the LinkedIn game even when out of the office, with every tool you have access to. It’s in your hands.

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