Pushing that reset button on your career? Or are you still pondering how and when to make your entrepreneurial offerings more marketable?

Change is scary. That’s natural but it need not be paralyzing.

I’d rather you think of the iterative, additive process of change.

Coins from pocket change mixes, and amasses with other change to become a finite amount that you can use later. (PS I did plunk my spare change in the bucket when I saw this in a coffee shop to help someone else invest in her change, via conversation with my college-bound entrepreneurial barista.) My “pay it forward.”

Yes, change is a small, good investment.

So is the change that you are experiencing daily, yes, that kind of change.

Hopefully change expands your skills, enriches your fervor to succeed, and simultaneously enables you to experiment with new ideas.

Without the ability to think further and deeper we would be machine-like. Don’t be mechanical.

Embrace change, no matter how it is presented to you. Enable it from within.

And don’t be afraid to mention your in-process dynamic career changes, as they occur, on your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t tell us, we will never know.

But you know that.