Building on yesterday’s 10 things, don’t forget to:

11. Use @s in posts to mention those people and companies worthy of acknowledgement

12. Use #s to invoke topics and subjects others follow to call attention to your posted contributions in that area; use 10 or fewer to keep the algorithm happy

13. Include a link (even if outside LinkedIn) within the body of your post. The old admonition against doing so, as we used to comment on our own post with that link, was reversed in November 2020 when the algorithms seemed to change

14. Inset a graphic or short video in every post, for more eyes on your work and to be more memorable as a contributor

15. Register for two-step verification so your profile sign-in is secured behind a second code texted to you whenever you log in, just like your bank account (LinkedIn is an asset, right?)

16. Retweak your profile from time to time, as you work changes, or you see someone else used LinkedIn in a way that you want to emulate, and make it into your own personal way of expressing yourself

17. Weave a story with a moral or with a lesson of redemption at the end, to be more memorable and scintillating, than just plain narrative words stating the fact

18. Always personalize your connection requests with context where you met, whom you know in common, how you can help the other person or the help you need.

19 Read the target’s LinkedIn profile to learn what makes them unique and how you can better appeal to their interests in every contact you make

20. Finally, tell in every profile section, in different ways, WHY you do what you do.

You knew that last one was coming, right?