1. to halt the monthly charge to your credit card for the Linkedin premium subscription services, if you are no longer using them
  2. to click the blue “save” button at the bottom of some places on LinkedIn when you edit a section or subsection
  3. to save a backup of your LinkedIn profile
  4. to query the Help function for how-to’s
  5. to tweet a question to @LinkedInHelp that the Help function does not cover (it takes a few days for a reply)
  6. to thank people for even the smallest kindness on LinkedIn
  7. to share great material you curate from your reading and tell why it is worth the time to evaluate how you can help others with this article or quote
  8. to Google yourself to be sure your LinkedIn profile comes up as one of the top search results
  9. to update your LinkedIn app on your smartphone as new versions come out
  10. and finally, to make it a privilege to be connected to you as a resource and colleague, offering help and information when they need it