It happened again: the person I was referred to and messaged with on LinkedIn agreed to a Zoom chat so I can get to know her (and she me–that’s her practice; it is certainly mine!) before we connect.

So I set up the appointment on my Outlook, copy-pasted the zoom invitation credentials, and {screech!} no email address on her LinkedIn profile contact details.

No phone number either to make a quick call.

At best all I had was a hand signal to imitate a phone. I was not smiling…

Back I went, sending a LinkedIn message, awaited her reply, an hour later I finally had her email address.

Then I advised her (I am a LinkedIn coach so I couldn’t help myself) to add both her mobile phone number (for calls and texts) and her email address to her contact details.

Obviously. Right?

We are now set for a meeting. Took a lot of work. I wonder how many opportunities she lost not being easily contacted.

Check your contact details NOW and add all ways to get a hold of you, in any method of communication your prospect wants to use.