The world changes in fits and starts.

New York State legalized possession of small amounts of recreational cannabis the other day. Not the first state to do so. I imagine the garden stores there will be overrun with new farmers stocking up to tend to their new planters in their windowsills. Past marijuana possession convictions will be expunged.

Pandemically speaking, I am self-adjusting to changes daily, but also in lurches.

More than 2 weeks after my second vaccination, I went into two stores last week. I used cash for the first time in over a year and received change back. How alien, like I just dropped in from another planet, so I imitated the other humans and put the funny little metal disks in my pocket. But I sanitized them first.

I’m rusty but will relearn the routine.

Those retail visits were the first time in over a year, after all those grocery deliveries, innumerable e-commerce shipments to my front door, accumulated hours using antibacterial/antivirus wipes to cleanse the mail (which we stopped doing after a while), then food packaging (which we stopped wiping too), now we just wear masks (we used to double-mask, á la Fauci, Biden, and Harris but they seemed to have stopped too) and I try to maintain our 6’ distance.

Try, I said, until someone enters my force field, then I inwardly gasp, but persevere. “Doing the best I can” became, and still is, my mantra.

I am not ready to venture onto a train to the city, or even sit in a closed office or meeting room or indoor restaurant with people I do not know or may not yet have been (or ever will be) vaccinated.

Yes, it’s a leap of faith and certainly a presumption that they self-regulate, to the extent I do, all stuffed under the mantle of our once-rampant liberties, for the greater good of society, foremost.

I’m OK with all this, easing back into some, and not all of the old ways, at my own choice.

I don’t judge you. Vice versa.

No Linkedin parable or “amazing-er” training message today, just some timely thoughts about life jumpstarting and cautiously venturing forth.

This is just another aspect of “why I do what I do.”

Do you agree with me or do you have a different viewpoint on this?