I wrote 2 books and edited them by listening to an electronic voice read it to me.

I never send out a blog post or email without the electronic grammar/spellcheck applied to it first.

If it’s even the least bit complex, I usually have that tinny voice read it to me.

It’s amazing what needs changing after hearing it vs. just visually scanning it. Wording, nuances, shades of meaning, repeated words in a sentence. Overall, improving as I go.

So if you missed my post earlier today (it is Good Friday and many people are off), I want to memorialize the attached article from NPR about listening. Perhaps you will track back to see what you missed.

There’s that country wisdom of 1 mouth and 2 ears, right? It seems to have some scientific merit.

How about having that electronic voice read your Linkedin profile back to you?

Need to make some changes? Probably.