I have a client whom I speak with often and her question at the end of the call is “what’s new on LinkedIn?”

Not much, I answer, assuming that’s the case. If there are new changes, subtle or massive, I have already directed her to subscribe to the Linkedin blog, which I recommend to you. Changes to LinkedIn are usually foretold there, announced as they are installed, and you get some lessons to coach you through new ways to use them.

Sometimes, LinkedIn doesn’t tell you, however, and my advice: use LinkedIn often and well, and you will notice the newsworthy adaptations to the platform too. You can always ask me, but isn’t it more fun to uncover the changes yourself?

Then stay tuned here, because I will assess them here in most situations as well.

Spoiler alert: I do not know of any big changes coming up…but I can always be proven wrong, as I have found out just before the publication of my first book (and as you know the second edition is coming out soon, so let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself)!