If you think your profile looks great, and LinkedIn seconds that emotion, but no one comes knocking on your LinkedIn door, is anyone listening to you?

Are you screaming into the abyss, wasting your time and energy?

Could be.

But how do you get intelligent interaction, really opened eyeballs, and inquisitive minds wrapped around your profile? Or posts?

You hunger for engagement, in terms of conversation, from colleagues, friends, connections, and followers.

But how do you get them to react?

You ask for it!

End sections of your profile with a call to contact you.

Another idea is to finish an update post with calls to actions, such as:

  • What do you think?
  • Tell us how you have experienced similar results.
  • Do you agree with me?
  • How have you won this epic battle?
  • Tell us your ideas on this matter?

Now I will warn you, not everyone will take the time or expend their  brain cells to answer you, but some few enlightened professionals may just bite, and one or two comments may arouse you as the author of the original piece to counter with more questions or comments to encourage additional interplay.

Quality over quantity, right?

Bottom line, we feed each other on LinkedIn, in words and thoughts, so elicit them. Some eat well, others watch.

Views of your profile or posts may make you feel like the popular high schooler for the short term, but not well-nourished for ongoing future growth.

Ask. When there is intelligent conversation, you hit the jackpot.