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10 things to do on a slow day

What can you do on a slow business day (we all have them, deliberately or by chance) when the zoom appointments are not end-to-end (seemingly) and there are no perceived urgent matters hanging over your head?

I have compiled a small list:

  1. File your email into folders (ugh, but necessary)
  2. Clear off the piles on your desk and discard old stuff no longer needed
  3. Call a few people you lost touch with to check how they are doing (even leaving a voice mail is a nice gesture)
  4. Hack away at just one more part of that really long-term project, always progressing to completion
  5. Learn a news skill or delve further into the software that seems really complex (my 2021 goal is
  6. Begin conversations to collaborate with another esteemed  colleague in a creative, yet marketable way
  7. Find a new networking group to penetrate and reinvigorate your marketing skills there
  8. Be sure to take a walk or allow exercise time, to nurture the body and release the mind
  9. Try a new approach with some prospects who never “bit” but seemed interested; additional time can be an incentive for them to remember they really need you
  10. Pick up all the small details and threads that you left undone with a client, even if not “mission-critical”

Bonus: Reevaluate your LinkedIn image on your profile and “up” your activity to show yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field. But you knew that suggestion was coming, right?

What am I leaving out? It’s your turn.

2 thoughts on “10 things to do on a slow day”

  1. Great suggestions, Marc. Getting things done can be very overwhelming, but if you nibble at them on a regular basis before you know it you’ve accomplished a lot. Even small steps are “progress”. ps, make better use of your Zooming. I multi-task while I am on a call. Yes, you can “walk and chew gum at the same time”.

  2. Look back at your calendar to see what you were doing one year ago this week. It always spurs some ideas of people to reach out to.

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