I get these pleas for help from time to time:

What’s wrong with LinkedIn?

It’s not working right.

{Some section} is missing.

I can’t upload to it–did I get kicked off?

It’s down.

Luckily, it’s not totally down often, in fact rarely, and when it was last week, it was out for an hour and somehow the sun came up the next morning and the birds still were singing.

In the other situations, my advice is one or all of these:

Sign off, turn it off, turn it on, sign in again.

Did that make a difference?

And if the problem is on your mobile or portable device running the LinkedIn app:

Are you running the latest version of the LinkedIn app?

And if all else fails, save that great work for another day, come back tomorrow when the sun is bright and the birds are happy.

The LinkedIn gremlins will be asleep and no longer creating mischief, and LinkedIn’ll probably work just fine.