I refer great people to each other.

A lot.

It’s a pleasure to hear great results on their parts coming from what was a small gesture on my part.

I always make my e-intros on LinkedIn. I always attach their LinkedIn URLs for ease of contact.

Of course, you say. But there’s another reason than being a LinkedIn nerd.

If I were to e-introduce 2 people via email, they are just going to do their initial sniff-test of one another on LinkedIn anyway, so I save them a few steps.

If you need to pattern off of one of my recent e-intros on LinkedIn, feel free to riff off this:

Bill meet Russ; Russ meet Bill.

Both of you are marketing experts and podcast to diverse audiences enhancing the global conversation of how we can help others and improve ourselves.  I am certain there is synergy and notes to compare that will make my putting you two together most valuable to each of you. Someone kick off and let me hear great things coming from this!

Contact details:



Best to you both!


I have always found this to be a great way to start. And if they continue the initial steps on LinkedIn, I get to see their progress. I don’t need to facilitate their conversation any more than this, as they are professionals.

And if my e-intro means anything to them, which I trust it does, they are serious about starting right away and getting the most from the good karma it will bring.

My gift to them both, as a nurturing thank-you for being my colleague. I am seriously amazed at how these connections develop.

And it’s serious fun too.