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Back to basics Tuesday: no Experience section speedbumps

I see this so often and when I explain why not to do this, the client always gets my point.

Speedbumps have their place. On a residential street, in a parking lot.

But not in your Experience section on LinkedIn.

What’s he talking about, you wonder?

A speed bump in your Experience is a momentary distraction when a reader looks at your Experience, where you came from in your career, your history and explanation of one job leading to the next great job, and in the middle of it all you insert a Board position on a nonprofit.

Whoa, they have to slow down, stop concentrating on the rise in your career and you distracted the reader with something other than your work experience.

It’s an easy fix, appropriate for today’s Back to Basics Tuesday blog: move your important contribution to the nonprofit and mention it in your About section along these lines:

In addition to my work, I am honored to support as a Board member (more information can be found in my Volunteer Experience section.)

You can better explain in the Volunteer Experience section why you are honored and what skills from your work life you bring to help guide the nonprofit.

There, it’s all been sorted into better places, and mentioned twice so that inquiring, distracted minds get to see it two times in the right places and you look doubly good for being on the Board.

Easy, right?

No speedbumps allowed on your career superhighway.

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