{I get these notices fairly frequently and hope that each time the writer is making the most of a great opportunity.

Another minichapter from my life in LinkedIn-land, this time I am pleased to say, from a former client}:

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

I thought you might be interested in reading an article that I co-authored with my partner {…} that was recently published in the {…}.

The article highlights the importance of {…} and some of the techniques that my firm utilizes to help our clients {with…}.

To read the article click here: {link}.

From me:

Congratulations! My LinkedIn assignment for you (although you did not ask for this):

  1. Open the Featured section (new section since we worked together) and place the link and short blurb on the article there (see my profile for ideas if you like)
  2. Mention the article in your posts for a few weeks on and off for maximum  marketing notice, create conversation around it with interested parties
  3. Add the article to your Publications section with a short description of what the reader will want to read

2 and 3 above covered in my brief video: https://youtu.be/P8s9cnsU_Vg.

Hope that is clear and helps you further pump this accomplishment! Bravo.

Beware what you send me, I’m likely to make a LinkedIn lesson out of it.