It’s chilly out there.

No one stays on your profile for long.

Why? You don’t warm them up enough to want to know more about you.

They come by, turn around, and depart.

They leave footsteps on LinkedIn, and like a hounddog, you can track them.

Perhaps you want to contact them, and sniff out what they wanted, in a curious yet professional email.

But make haste. They didn’t stay long enough on your profile to want to engage, so they ignore you, forget you for lack of an impression.

Why would they want to spend the time?

Yes, that’s the nature of the LinkedIn-casual-reader-with-limited-time- and-attention-span beast.

So while you can see their tracks, you need to work on your profile. I have given you numerous ideas and tactics here in the past.

Then when the winter of our pandemic discontent has passed, and the economy heats up, you will be more memorable, amazing-er.

You’ll be busy with the new people who drop by to see how they can accompany you,and you with them, for your relevance to their needs.

Take these steps.