Look at the Skills you list on your LinkedIn profile.

This is a highly important section, as it allows others to search for people like you by skill name and you want to appear in the results. These skills are further reflected in the narrative of your career, as told in multiple ways in different sections of your profile.

Let’s be sure you are optimizing Skills by thinking through these considerations:

  • Are the listed skills refined and clear to the casual reader?
  • Can you further develop the name of the skill by adding one or a couple of adjectives (example: branding vs. brand positioning strategies)?
  • Can you add other skills that complement the basic skills to develop a better image?
  • Does the skillset reflect your current work, or are they left over from a previous job/project and need updating?
  • Do your endorsers really know you for those skills?
  • If not, hide them and ask others to endorse you, as appropriate.
  • Finally, endorsers can grade you on how well you do the “why” you do what you do,” (either good, very good, or highly skilled).

Demonstrate planning and execution skills in all sections of your LinkedIn profile, especially the Skills section.