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Back to Basics Tuesday: Romanian rumination

Last week, I was messaged by a teenage Romanian podcaster to be a guest on his show, with an audience of teen entrepreneurs in East Europe.

It took a few questions to ascertain what I just mentioned above.

I thought about it. I love a podcast opportunity, don’t get me wrong. This is not my audience.

Not because I don’t like the demographic or the nationalities, but because I need to pay attention to other audiences and projects on my desk. Like a short deadline to turn around the copyedited version of my new book, given the calendar I agreed to for late April publication.

So I professionally and politely declined.

He persisted. I declined once more, more emphatically, in clear language. I told him that this was not among my market segments.

He was not taking the unsubtle hint and asked what mine were. I told him he needed to have read my profile for that information (well-laid out) and after a few minutes he responded that he did read my profile and thinks teenagers are included. Very aggressive and over the top, nonprofessional. Immature? Lonely? Desperate?

What part of “no thanks” did he not understand?

So I blocked him.

Folks, don’t tolerate less-than-professional conduct, by bots or boys from Bucharest.

You are in charge.

You control your profile, and your communications with connections and outsiders. Period.



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