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Professional passion: I second that emotion!

If you do not have abundant passion for what you do,

oh hear me solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, multipreneurs,

you had better practice, refine, and commit your “why” to writing (ahem, LinkedIn!) and accent it in your verbal delivery, because no one else will ever say it as well as you do.

Six months ago after our first brief e-intro in a breakout room, we secured our LinkedIn connection, then last week we were reunited in a breakout room again, mutually recognizing our good fortune. Quoted below, he is 3 time zones away, 3000 miles away in Vancouver, BC; yes, far away, but we are very close in mindset.

I kicked off via Linkedin message:

What a pleasure to see and speak with you again and pick up where we left off.

He replied:

Really enjoy you and your energy and vibe.

We agreed to, and just set up, a one-to-one zoom call. I am looking forward to this.

Mutual passion is felt, not measured. It’s an emotional differentiator.

Not so much what words you say, but it’s how well you say it, how your intonation and verve make you relatable, relevant, memorable, as you ping on their mental radar screen.

Networkers get together regularly to add another layer to the onion (or other metaphor of your choosing) that constitutes a growing relationship. For some of mine, it’s weekly, others less so, but we pick up where we left off and broaden to the connection.

For my Canadian colleague and me, it’s yet another layer to be added.

Professional passion in your work shrinks the distances (physical or mental) between us.

And adds layers to the onion.


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  1. “An onion also reflects the many layers of the other person and of us. Our hearts and brains, our spiritual being, our bodies are all parts of us that are effected when we are”… in a LinkedIn relationship. Each layer adds to the mystery and confusion that relationship create inside us. “Why” helps us peel away those LinkedIn Layers to discover that Professional Passion hidden inside.

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