On Inauguration Day when I was smitten by @AmandaGorman‘s poem, I posted my impressions on LinkedIn out of sheer elation and joy, and no surprise, the reactions back to me were amazing.

And the good karma keeps on coming, from people who are not even following me. I guess I struck a nerve.

I also see a lot (!) of views. Good.

I see a lot of gestures, as in “likes,” “thumbs up,” and “applauses”–and you know my opinion about that. Better than views.

However, I am gratified at the large number of thoughtful and appreciative comments. Best of all!

Always strive to demonstrate your “best.” Tell me and others whose posts you appreciate what you are thinking. Not just that you are thinking.

In words, please, tell “why” this meant something to you.

Thank you all.