Is it possible that a single industry, in a single country, all the same gender and similar airbrushed facial features, has coordinated an all-out assault on my LinkedIn inbox to connect to me?

Are there that many hairdressers in Ghana with 2 connections? Who attended NYU?

I tried to end this full-frontal attack. Last fall, everything I spoke of here seemed to make it stop: report and block.

Then I was offered the richness of connecting to Bitcoin traders in the Arabian peninsula, the obnoxious SEO gurus in India googled me their promises to raise my visibility, and desperately sales-y charlatans InMailed me to buy something I don’t need ever, in total disregard for what I do.

Now the hairdressers in Ghana combed LinkedIn, are back teasing me, dyeing to meet me, and making me bristle. I need to part with them all.

And LinkedIn, can you please find a smart tech way to stop this? Like adding an account  setting to repel connection requests from a certain country, or from anyone with less than 100 connections?

Or do I have to continue to report them to you and block all of them? Isn’t this a waste of all our time and energy? C’mon LinkedIn, listen to a veteran of the bot-war please?