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What part of “no thanks” is not clear?

The other afternoon a connection request came my way. No idea what she wanted even with a personalized note.

I reviewed the profile. Equally amorphous. In fact, really vague. But I wondered, “What’s going on here?” I am not sure if something in it was bothering me, or just tempting my curiosity.

So I replied to the connection request, “How can I help you?”

In seconds, the reply, “blah blah blah, I want to sell you this because you need it.”

If I needed it, I’ll make that decision and I definitely don’t.

So I put on my curmudgeonly LinkedIn coach hat and replied,

LinkedIn coaches have a rule: do not sell me before you know me well. Suggest you follow it. No thanks.

And then she replied telling me I was wrong.

That was wrong. So I blocked her. Onward.

Since when is “no thanks” not NO? 

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