Direct, ladies and gents, from real life and the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department:

My name is Marc with a “c.”

Not like this:

You see, my name has been misspelled all my life.

I am used to it but…really, I am amazed every time.

Or all those boilerplate LinkedIn connection requests I get, where they just fail to address me by name, that also astonishes me. Like “hey you, be my new best business friend” with no reason or purpose, no care taken, from people who should know a lot better like this one and so many more like it:

And if (rarely) they even send a note to me, many are with my name spelled wrong.

Lonely. Ill-conceived. Sloppy.

I received a spam advertisement in my email, at the very bottom of this blog post (no peeking!), personally addressed to Mr. (Mrs.) March.

{Cue sound of shaking my head and rattling of loose parts inside}.

I suggest being a little more careful in addressing each other correctly, with names spelled correctly.

We have LinkedIn and google to refer to get the right spelling, and gender, so let’s use them. And you can get a lot more information there to customize to me, than just my (misspelled) name.

Certainly if you want to sell me, do not marketblast like this because, well, just because it’s well, sloppy. I don’t do sloppy.

Ready? Drumroll….

This week’s championship impersonal personalized marketing fail:

Tomorrow: a guest blogger from a long distance away!


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