LinkedIn allows you to showcase your work on your personal profile towards the top. Did you know that?

Most people do not, so I am here this Back-to-Basics Tuesday to show you that you can and should take advantage of this section. Or if you already knew about it, I am offering some tips on best practices to make it work well for you.

First what is it? Here’s a link from the Help Center defining it. To me, less how-to, and more marketing oriented, I say you want to use it as a place to showcase anything that will demonstrate your prowess: graphics, videos, podcast recordings in which you were a guest, or resume PDF if you are a job seeker (hint!), examples of past design work, or…or…you have no limitations, you just need to use some discretion (more on that later).

How do you add the section, if you have not already? Look right under your “Contact Info” link and you will see the graphic below. Click “Add profile section” and select “Featured” from the drop down table.

Now you can start adding material there. Click the “+” to add new material, the pencil to edit it. Follow the instructions when you add or edit, depending on the type of multimedia material you are adding. You will get the hang of it, and although it may take some edits, eventually you will finesse it.

Back to the discretion mentioned above:

1) the latest Feature appears at the left-most position, one of the most visible, since the reader sees it first. Its true value is that the casual reader of your profile will only see 2 1/2 thumbnails of your Featured section so you want the first and the next two you show there to be engaging to the reader.

2) Keep in mind the rest of the Features may not show on the reader’s screen, but all of them can be perused by pressing the “>” arrow, beyond the first couple of Features you have visible. However, not all readers will do this.

3) Once you load some Features, you want to reorder them. Again, the first 2 1/2 Feature thumbnails will show prominently on your profile, so plan accordingly. Drag and drop them to the order you want by placing your mouse over the 4 small horizontal lines (called a “hamburger”) and as you hold down your right mouse button, a four-headed arrow will appear, and continuing to hold that mouse button down, you can drag and drop one Feature above or below the others. Voila!

As you can see above, I have chosen to give special attention to my #11 ranking of most followed LinkedIn coaches. I insert my most recent podcast interview after that, reordering them as new ones come out every month. But I retain the top most position to the most important Feature I want to accent.

I advise you add to the Featured section over time, and reorder the Features to keep showing your best work.

BTW, it is not a substitute for the Publications section of your profile. Use that section too as a chronology of your published work and another place for the reader to find your material.

Yes, this was a long-winded how-to blogpost, but one worth your learning to showcase your Featured work.

I hope this helps you rock LinkedIn a little more you showcase your “why.”