I am impressed by those who resolve to “network up” to succeed.

Until last week in a Zoom call, I never heard this concept expressed as in the title idiom before.

But the image is colorful.

So many clients come to me with bland, uninteresting profiles. Resume-y.

They ask me to give them permission to go further, as their coach, to allow them to tell their career story and “why.”

That’s half the battle.

However, I’d rather they give themselves that permission, and then I can be of even more assistance. Once they allow themselves to punch above their weight, then I can enable them more, because that’s what coaches do, and their punch goes ever higher.

The work is not finished once we part coach-client ways. They must spar against counterparts–some higher and faster and nimbler–daily, proving themselves worthy in the LinkedIn ring.

Not once, but continuously.

Yes, it’s a challenge to find the time, use it well, and invest in yourself to be visible, recognized, followed on LinkedIn. In practicing, testing, and succeeding in Linkedin best practices I bring to you, why not rise from the mat whenever knocked down, reenergized to punch your way up and out to the next level.

And keep on going, to be a world champion! Above your weight, to a new LinkedIn weight class.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Because you have to.

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