A new year has cracked the door open as never before.

In practicality, it only allows a limited entry path, as the pressures of the economy fizzling, the pandemic roaring, and business contracting have limited the usual January open-armed “come and get it” attractiveness of a new fresh slate.

You cannot control the economy, the virus, or businesses shuttering.

You CAN control your persona, how you appear to others. The door will stay ajar or can open, as long as you peer in and it likewise appears interesting to the person on the other side looking out at you.

They will google you. Your LinkedIn profile will appear towards the top, if not foremost, in the search results. Most people click the topmost link. Good for you, so far.

Then, they read your profile. Quickly, without absorbing much, unless you entice them to remain committed enough to want to know more, they might read further about you. With video, graphics, podcasts, and of course, stimulating narrative about your career and capabilities today, from the past. They can envision their future working with you.

Or not.

How do they feel about you from you talking about you? Did the door open a bit more, open widely, or did it shut?

Make the experience of reading your LinkedIn profile a pleasurable journey for the reader. They will either embark or disembark, contact you or not, open the door or turn their back on you from the other side.

It’s up to you. Only you can benefit yourself. Or invest in coaching to help you do so.

Doors open, leading to others, with the right message of welcome.