Every year I niche out a new subset of people to concentrate on for LinkedIn coaching and training. Which is not to say I work with them exclusively.

That IS to say, I will continue with my working with everyone in all walks of life, including law firms and lawyers (2017 niche), nonprofit professionals (2018 niche), baby boomers seeking an encore career (2019 niche) and college grads who missed career services training (2020 niche).

Next niche: medical professionals, because they are burning out due to over-work, sick from exposure to people with diseases we cannot cure well, and the exhaustion of supplies and energy to fight the pandemic.

They are highly educated, skilled, and reliable, so excellent candidates for consulting, new fields of work, and just about anything they put their minds to.

They just need to tell us about their experience and perspectives in the very best ways possible, yet most have never paid any attention to LinkedIn. They didn’t need it.

Until they needed to leave the cocoon of the medical office. They do now.

If you know anyone who fits any of these niches, and beyond, please send them my way for expert care and intelligent LinkedIn self-branding coaching, to let them tell everyone why they do what they do. Referrals appreciated.

I’ll be back blogging on Monday December 28th. I wish you a meaningful and restful holiday.