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6 Ways to Innovate Mentally (part 4)

Less than 20 more days to make this year count, what a challenge it has been for everyone, for some more than others. It’s taken a mental toll on me and I assume you too, and while I strive to be optimistic, creative and consultative every day, I need to add value to my clients whenever they can benefit from  creative suggestions, so they too stand out.
So I was intrigued I came across an video in titled “Six Ways to Innovate Mentally” which I urge you to watch for 1 minute 45 seconds, and I will be adding to each of its six concepts over the next few days. I hope you enjoy and can adapt them.
  1. Broaden Your Skillset

Let’s take a step back in this discussion of skills. First, ask, “what do I do well, differentiating you from others in your daily work? What have others seen me do that I did not recognize as a strength? Where can I improve and excel beyond the pack?”

Think of what you have always wanted to start, and finish, what software, or personal skill, or character attribute do you need to improve.

I am still working on not interrupting others. It’s a lifetime effort.

I want to learn Canva in 2021. I know enough to be dangerous right now.

I still want to hone my skills in writing and presenting. The former has been good to me in the pandemic but can always be refined, and alas, the latter has been stymied due to our inability to congregate beyond Zoom or similar platforms. I really miss the humans-in-the-room, the body language, the spontaneity of the Q&A, the facial interaction as I spoke to audiences. That kept me on my game. When we all get back together, just like the good old days of 2019 and before, I’ll be a tad rusty, but like riding a bike, I know it will come back immediately.

I intend to “niche out” a new industry for my LinkedIn coaching: medical professionals who are so burned out that they want to leave their profession and transform into another profession, but need help expressing  their ”why.”

I need to learn more about marketing my services as they adapt to new technologies, as we all do, that ever-moving target.

I seek new applications for my online payments technology solutions to make the payment experience easy and transparent so the merchant can focus on the harder aspects of his/her business.

I want to learn so much.

Ed Koch, THE mayor if New York City titled his book perfectly to conclude my thoughts here: “I’m Not Done Yet: Keeping at It, Remaining Relevant, and Having the Time Of My Life”

I intend to never stop any of those.

Tomorrow: part 5 “Know Your Customer”

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