Your resume was written in past tense, grammatically speaking.

You as a professional are not. You are the total of your past experience, and then some. 

You are present tense (heart pumping).

You are also future tense (mind imagining).

You can speak about where you came from, what you accomplished and learned there in the past tense, but use the pronoun “I” in doing so: past tense verbs in your past jobs in your LinkedIn Experience section.

Keep using the “I” pronoun and tell us what you are doing now, present tense, all that rich skill and experiential knowledge you possess that resulted from your past: present tense verbs go in your Headline, About, and the current job(s) in your Experience sections.

And hint with that “I” in your future aspirations, using the future tense because we will always be interested in you as you develop with us as a trusted collaborator, vendor, and/or client. You can tie this into your About too.

And if you need 185 verbs to conjugate, see this great article.

Tell us. Past, present, future.