Less than 20 more days to make this year count, what a challenge it has been for everyone, for some more than others. It’s taken a mental toll on me and I assume you too, and while I strive to be optimistic, creative and consultative every day, I need to add value to my clients whenever they can benefit from  creative suggestions, so they too stand out.
So I was intrigued I came across an video in inc.com titled “Six Ways to Innovate Mentally” which I urge you to watch for 1 minute 45 seconds, and I will be adding to each of its six concepts over the next few days. I hope you enjoy and can adapt them.
  1. Get Uncomfortable

“Why do you do what you do” I ask. Most of us hate those questions that make us itch, bristle, twitch. We have no practice answering them. So we dodge. “Ah, that light answer came out ok, so let’s move on,” you might say to yourself.

Nope. I need you to tell more. Not getting away that easy.

Chafing is sometimes enjoyable, but only retrospectively. In the moment, departing your comfort zone is anxious and sweaty work, but when competed and reflected backward as a job well done to expand your horizons, it’s satisfying that you thought you could, just like the kiddie story of the little train engine.

And you did.

Because you gave yourself permission to try.

I hear the abrasion from clients in my LinkedIn coaching. I put them through some open-ended Q&A and assess themes they express without their even realizing it. Not everyone likes the questions I pose, but how and what they say in their answers are all-telling.

So if I make you uncomfortable, it’s deliberately intended, but in the most congenial way.

So now you can build on that further. The foundation is built strong to add more layers on top to tell a career narrative. I make you take another lap around the football field if you don’t produce your best, not because I want you to suffer, but because I want to see hear you think further, deeper, stronger to express your “why.”

Now that you opened up, the rest comes easier. Work with me. It broadens your expresses experience and enlarges your perspective.

New comfort zones await.

Tomorrow is Back to Basics Tuesday so I will pause this series and restart it on Wednesday with part 4 “Broaden Your Skill Set.”


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