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6 Ways to Innovate Mentally (part 1)

Less than 20 more days to make this year count, what a challenge it has been for everyone, for some more than others. It’s taken a mental toll on me and I assume you too, and while I strive to be optimistic, creative and consultative every day, I need to add value to my clients whenever they can benefit from  creative suggestions, so they too stand out.
So I was intrigued I came across an video in titled “Six Ways to Innovate Mentally” which I urge you to watch for 1 minute 45 seconds, and I will be adding to each of its six concepts over the next few days. I hope you enjoy and can adapt them.

Yes, this year was a challenge, so next year has to be better, in terms of revenues, income, new products and services, all intended to be more vital to my existing clients to keep them “sticky” as I call it. As I grow, they can too.

Via LinkedIn I get new ideas, information, concepts, and innovative ideas that others are putting forth, that I can adapt to my businesses. I then digest them and whip them into new thoughts attuned to my clients, old ones, and recent ones. I ask open-ended questions, offer to speak by phone to get a conversation off the screen and into real discussion. I embrace the innovation so they can benefit from it and demonstrate how this can be a win-win for all parties:

  1. Embrace a Growth Mindset

So long as I am learning I am growing. And there is much to learn from before and even more, in geometric proportions into the future as we adapt our challenges to results.

Hard work on behalf of my client (“we exceed expectations” is my tag line) and always striving to on the cusp of new ideas and thoughts is my hallmark. That has served me well all my career not just in 19 years’ entrepreneurship, as I want to make client service a help, not a horror.

Both industries I work in are changing in leaps every day, month, year. It is also my great privilege to be associated with vendors and with Geoff Geertsen, my esteemed web developer, all of whom are best-in-class and always supporting my client’s well-being.

As you know form reading me here, LinkedIn is changing visibly, and behind-the-scenes, sometimes with fanfare and other times as a surprise. and this blog allows me to tell you how you can get the best from its latest version.

Learning is applying the best to the client’s needs, a work-in-progress. I learn from clients ways to address an ever-changing market; I also suggest ideas to vendors as well, all emanating from my perceptions of what else is needed, to differentiate us and benefit the clientele.

Learning new concepts in action is a constant enjoyable game.

Tomorrow: part 2 “Get Uncomfortable.”

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