Pricing your services for what you think you are worth vs. the competition can be a revelation.

I priced my services too low years ago and was sure I left money on the table. No client ever said, you “should charge more” but slowly I raised my prices to the point that the “right” clients hired me and the others who weren’t serious did not.

Yes, I may have lost opportunities. But I had to be consistent and firm. And smart about it.

  1. “You get what you pay for.” But you must be paid for the value you provide.
  2. You price along the lines you believe you are adding to the client’s worth.
  3. You have to earn that outward recognition and inward self-respect.

Those 3 keep running through my mind every time I send my proposal.

Recently this mantra was validated: one LinkedIn coach kicked off the topic of pricing and revealed his on a chat room we participate in, and my fellow LinkedIn coaches decided to bare their pricing souls to show their price points too. I was pleased to reconfirm that my pricing was centerfield in the LinkedIn ballpark, even in a pandemic. I felt like I had been given a gift of further confirmation.

Each coach approaches his/her work in their own way but net-net I and the overwhelming majority of them are in alignment. Yes, some are crazy way-high and some are newbies and feeling around as I did years ago for what the market would bear.

Now back to you.

Your pricing as a consultant or professional practitioner is an indicator of your self-worth. Your pricing is a demonstration to the outside world that you should receive that compensation for the value you add.

Your brand further reflects that.

If your hard-earned brand is being tarnished by a lame LinkedIn profile, would you consider investing in your success and reworking it? Need help with this?

If you ask me for a proposal, now you will know I am pricing it reasonably, market-driven to the value you will receive. In almost 11 years in this coaching and training business, I have never had anyone tell me I didn’t earn my keep, and then some.

See the testimonial quotes in my profile and my client recommendations, some of whom you may know already. More on the way!

With the holidays approaching, I want to add: for the past few years I have been “gifted” to a colleague, friend, or family member as a thoughtful and life-long present in a gift certificate. Just a thought for that perfect someone. One woman surprised her husband and she reported to me that I helped reorient his self-image in fresh new ways: a memorable long-lasting gift, a win-win.

There’s still time to finish your holiday shopping by contacting me.

Marc W. Halpert

LinkedIn personal coach, group trainer, marketing strategist and overall evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate better!

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