Today I went to get a blood test for my physical and spent an hour trying to find the doctor to resend the test order. It wasn’t lost, he forgot to send it. Forgot?

I am awaiting the signed contract from a new client, but our session is coming up soon.

A long-lost colleague asked me to zoom with him to reacquaint and find ways to cross-refer. He arrived 27 minutes late, according to Zoom, to the session I has earlier left after waiting 10 minutes; neither the courtesy nor the professionalism to email or text why he was AWOL.

I do not like to wait. If I tell you I am doing something, I do it, and you get it early.

Want to get to know me ahead of a Zoom session? I’m there early.

Want me to reply by a deadline? It’s usually in your inbox the day before.

Want me to refer you? Don’t stand me up. Own it if you screwed up.

I take my work very seriously. I wish others took theirs, and my, work as seriously.

Why would I hire them, if laggards? Why can’t get their own work in on time? Accordingly, how could I expect them to ace my work they are hired to perform for me on time?

I allow mistakes and make plenty of them on my own, but I over-achieve deadlines and established “I exceed expectations,” as my tagline.

The doctor, a mistake. The contract, well she’s on board verbally so I suppose I am OK. One client will not reply knowing he committed to a fourth session but is concocting another excuse. And the guy 27 minutes late? I gave up on him.

Be honest, just tell me “no thanks” or “I am sorry I screwed up.” I won’t like it, but explain yourself, if you displayed such disregard.

But I ponder: what happened to old-fashioned professionalism and one’s word that it will be delivered when promised?

I will never sink to the lower denominator. That would be too easy and business does not come easily.

The LinkedIn tie-in? Tell people you honor your commitments on your Linkedin profile to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Get recommendations to that effect.

Stand out from the rabble.

Why do I even have to write this blog piece?