I write this reflection every year on the LinkedIn changes and themes I deem most worthy of comment. Any day is a good day to give thanks but this Thanksgiving 2020 in the middle of a pandemic, I have accumulated these top 10 things to be thankful for (and I hope you agree):

5. I am not a fan of the new user interface but will learn to deal with it and thank you for the slight refreshment. You could have cleaned up some sections that are vague, or confusing, but change is good, I suppose. So again, I plead: LinkedIn, perhaps give us LinkedIn coaches/trainers a say in your changes?

6. Thanks, everyone for continuing to keep the discussion on LinkedIn nontoxic and nonpolitical in this very bipolar political climate. It’s a credit to our professional community that we maintain such high quality and appropriate business conduct in the global LinkedIn conversation.

7. Thanks, LinkedIn, for securing the platform, but can you do far better at blocking bots and annoying fake connection requests, with your arsenal of artificial intelligence capability in the Microsoft family?

Final three more tomorrow.