Today's LinkedIn Nugget

The games people play

Zoom bingo. I played it last week with one of my networking groups as an evening get-together event. A lot of social fun and we sure laughed a lot.

I recently heard of virtual wrestling. Yes,  it’s a thing. A person wrangles with a 200-pound dummy. Guess who wins the match.

I think I’ll go with bingo. No egos or anything else gets bruised.

Humans play games, some creative ones, others time-tested, and some people pay mind games: with others and to themselves.

Perhaps the hardest to crack through and achieve an important skill (no not virtual wrestling!) is getting out from under yourself and talking about yourself on LinkedIn using the mighty “why.”

Interactive games are going to be a big part of my winter quarantine.

Some games have no rules, just those boundaries inside your head.

Play beyond those limits!

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