The complex, noisy world we live in is bombarded with new technologies, ever-smarter entrants seeking to simplify and optimize, younger participants with vision, older players with experience, all coalescing around a topic, a subject, and art or a science.

That means there will always be outliers who need to work especially diligently on their LinkedIn profiles to tell exactly “why” and have recommenders and endorsers tell “how” well their colleague does their “why.”

Like multipreneurs, like lapsed lawyers, like people in nontraditional roles or those who are employed in new, emerging industries, or those who experienced nonlinear careers (took bulk time off i the middle), or, or, or…

Which means do not ladle in a broth of acronyms and techno-jargon. For most of us, our eyes (and minds) glaze over when you do that.

Tell us since we want to know. You have to tell us well.

But don’t tell us about your company in your personal LinkedIn profile. Save that for your company profile Page.

Rocket scientists, you can indeed tell the story of your career without all the science. You can still send those who want to read the tech portions to links within your profile.

Which means in essence, assume nothing about our technical expertise, and include everyone, providing other material to those who really want to delve deeper, as a professional would always do. Because you never know who is looking at your profile.

Some people who need to avail themselves and their company of your skill set may just be lay people.

And it’s already hard enough to get them to visit your profile and really easy to make them flee. And they will not come back if you alienate them!