As mentioned here before, I am currently writing the second edition of my book, “LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices” to be published again by the American Bar Association in spring 2021.

As in the first edition I will repeat the use of sidebar quotes from professional practitioner colleagues who tell success stories or their own twist that has proven successful in using LinkedIn section listed below:

  • self-branding an unusual business
  • hesitancy to talk about yourself that you overcame and it paid off
  • using LinkedIn to add to your regular marketing tactics
  • amazing opportunities gained from using LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn searches that found you and turned to business
  • increasing the quality and quantity of your connections
  • identifying innovative ways to help someone who connected to you
  • unusual yet professionally effective head shots
  • ideas on self-introduction in the About section
  • multipreneurs who use LinkedIn to tell about their multiple pursuits well
  • how you have been highly successful in your posts
  • what you think made a LinkedIn long-form article go viral and why
  • interesting spins on using video in your profile
  • alumni connections that led to business via LinkedIn
  • how you asked for recommendations that became defining ones
  • when you gave a recommendation (what resulted?)
  • how do you say no thanks to a connection request
  • innovative ways to solicit a connection that worked well
  • LinkedIn mobile app stories that helped you in a pinch

The quotes should be emailed to me at (please do not respond here in the blog!) by September 30th and no more than 100 words. By submitting the quote to me, it may be edited by me or ABA editorial staff, you give your permission for me to quote you in the book without compensation. I will attribute your name, business name, title, city, state and linked URL (please be sure it is a personalized LinkedIn URL!)

Questions? Email me.

Thanks in advance