Backstory…I was honored last Saturday to be named the #1 fastest-growing LinkedIn coach for August by number of followers. Which means a lot of congratulations and comments, which I do appreciate because they are sincere. It is very gratifying and humbling to receive such warm and meaningful wishes as those I did.

Which also means a lot of insincere default connection requests from people I do not know. To forestall these, I distinctly mentioned my policy of not connecting to people I have not encountered in business in my remarks thanking everyone publicly. Didn’t work.

And it’s not just me who thinks this way. I want to note that one of the leading LinkedIn coaches I really admire agreed with me publicly on this after I posted that opinion.

Everything I do and say may make me a person YOU may want to connect with if you find me interesting, but it’s my two-way street as well, and was clearly marked. Don’t go down the street in the wrong lane. You will not make a good impression. Bottom line: Don’t be lame and use the default connection request language, folks!

Instead, follow me on LinkedIn. Because the honor I received last week is for the following I have earned.

Front story…which leads me to the point of this blog post: perhaps the oddest connection request I ever received, again from someone who may have seen me in the LinkedIn coach follower line up, but I don’t know, because this is all she said and I quote:

It’s great to connect with you here on LinkedIn. I see we share a similar pasts. I’ve found LinkedIn to be a great source for networking and connecting with other sharp, successful people like you. How long you’ve been in business?

end quote

Me thinking: Huh? Really? Did you actually send that in hopes of connecting? Sounds pretty insincere to me, like “Hi sailor, new in town?”

1) Other sharp people? She doesn’t come across that way to me.

2) She sees we share similar pasts (which we don’t, at all, which I see after I reviewed her profile and I am really curious where she saw that we do!),

3) She can easily tell how long I have been in business if she actually read my profile..

Can we be conversationally intelligent please?

Such clear clues from her nanosecond of impression on me tell me she is either just not thinking straight, in which case, I’ll pass on the connection, or not a professional, and ditto on that decision as well.

{Buzzer sounds-reject!}

Yes, I can get passionate about this stuff but will always evangelize for professionals acting professionally to other professionals, as I try to raise the bar. Join me?

Please practice smart connecting.