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Nice move!

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Moving at the speed of sound, or light, if you can, is a good idea. Waiting for the pandemic to go away is not going to make you a mover and a shaker. You need to exude energy to attract others.

Yes, too much is dangerous and not enough is equally dangerous. You know the happy medium.

But what if the personality of the initiator of a call (nice move) on the phone, enthusiastic and looking to add to his vetted connections, singlehandedly reaching out to me, mismatches his LinkedIn profile, which I was reading while we spoke.

Worse, what if he was referred to me, rather than him calling me directly, and in reviewing his profile before I called, I found typos, syntax errors, repeated phrases, unclear narrative. I’d probably not call.

There’s that “disconnect” buzzer.

But he started the process so I will give him the chance, but others might not.

Then he “hit” me–he told me he needed help tying his LinkedIn profile to better match his personality and would welcome some help. Another call scheduled.

Nice move. The “disconnect” buzzer stopped buzzing.

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