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Back to Basics Tuesday: content sharing

content-is-king-1132266_1920Content I shared the other day on LinkedIn, from LinkedIn itself, a rarity for me, was a pretty a good take on the topic of shared content, and it gained hundreds of views, a few comments, but one question asked there struck me, which I will share, from a marketing specialist:

What are your thoughts on using LinkedIn articles vs a traditional blog {as shared content}?

My reply:

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  1. Being a printer, I tell people to send a hand-written note card that you place in an envelope, address, stamp and mail, instead of just sending out an “email”. It demonstrates to them that you really care and that they were worth the time and money spent. “The difference between “try” and “triumph” is a little “umph”. It pays to make that little extra effort. As Marc posted…tell why you liked something. Don’t just “like”.

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