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Back to Basics Tuesday: catching up is hard to do

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With all due respect to Neil Sedaka, catching up is hard once you fall behind.

That means you shouldn’t let it happen. But it does. Human nature is to delay doing something you can’t bear to start and letting go of all else of less importance, when you prefer to be involved in something else of higher enjoyment on your agenda.

Think of the items you need to accomplish that keep being pushed to the bottom of the list.

For me, dead bottom of the list, is spending 1-hour decluttering my office. Professional organizers reading here, stop shaking your head. In my own defense, you probably defer renovating your LinkedIn profile and would rather neaten your desktop.

We all make decisions based on preferences. Yes. I’ll spend 15-minute increments reshuffling years-old papers on my desk or side table and move them to my file cabinet top or bookshelf. Yes, 15 minutes of writing a blog post or renovating someone’s LinkedIn profile is far more enjoyable to me. So is going to the dentist.

Not you?

That’s ok.

We both have some catching up to do in the items petrifying on our to-do lists. 

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