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Back to Basics Tuesday: I am not sure I want to join ZJXQ


Acronyms, a topic covered here earlier, may save you the extra keystrokes from specifying the name of the organization or designation you earned that not everyone is familiar with.

But using them without explanation or any contextual reference is a sure-fire way to bore your reader and hear the screendoor shut behind them. They ain’t comin’ back ya heah?

I am still seeing impossible-to-decipher acronyms in clients’ profiles.

Take a 30,000 foot view of your profile. People from within your industry may know that acronym, but others external to your areas of expertise are also looking at your profile. Don’t confound them.

I am anti-acronyms, accurate or inaccurate. So I guess I would not do well in ZJXQ since I want you to be generous with your words, create a narrative, tell a story, weave a tapestry of your career, not to be stingy with acronyms which can be speed bumps to a reader’s appreciation of you.

Be reasonable; you do not have to define CPA or CFA.

Be sure to differentiate between the two CIAs you trained at.

Use words, be professional.

Make this a PETE: priority end to end.

(graphic from NY Times Crossword Puzzle 26Jul20.)


1 thought on “Back to Basics Tuesday: I am not sure I want to join ZJXQ”

  1. It’s like post-nominal letters….”PORTLAND, OR – Nurse Ruth Scrittle, ASN, BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, MBA, CEN, ACLS, CENP, FAEN, is actively petitioning to have additional letters added to the alphabet in order to increase the length of post-nominal letters in her signature block. It currently stands at a mere 32 letters.”

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