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skyline-2469391_1280A tropical storm blew through and with it, out went electricity, internet, and VOIP. The lights flickered, the PC shut down, and that was it.

44 hours later, no normal contact with the outside electronic world. Then the lights came on. Now all eyes turn to the electric company and “why.” Why were they so unprepared, why did it take so long to restore power? Why?

Ah but texting did work in a power outage, intermittently, when the internet company struggles to let it. But our last-century landline desk phones, plugged into wall jacks, did too, consistently.

In the human history of communication, using both the oldest and the newest methods, we are open for business, with serious electronic limitations, and suffered mostly inconsequential delay for clients. Some with issues got a phone call to assure them I’ll be on it asap.

What happened immediately when the power went off was the boredom. When dark falls, there’s nothing to do. When light dawns, we can start whatever we can wrangle up to keep ourselves busy. Ask an old-fashioned farmer. Yes, to appease your evil mind, they do have a lot of children.

Changing the topic, your LinkedIn profile must give opening to the reader to communicate by phone and/or text, and every method in between. Leave nothing out or chance losing reliability and opportunity.

Being unstimulating, non-electrifying causes boredom to creep in, and take over, but not for long, as the reader skips along to a more energized profile.

Start with a bang, lose steam midstream, and the reader bails.

Consistently delivered current of explanation and self-branding is the goal, alternating current. No spikes, no brownouts. Only light and energy.

Or else risk a long quiet business day.

Not a utility to your well-being under any circumstances.

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