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Back to Basics Tuesday: repurpose your earlier content; gain new influence today

wheel2.jpgWe all have to write on LinkedIn to get noticed. You may not agree. That’s probably why you do not get the attention on LinkedIn you desire.

Perhaps you just “like” a lot of others’ material and think that’s enough. It is not.

Comment and share. Add your own thoughts. You must have an opinion, or some other nice thing to say to that person and his/her connections, so use the opportunity to add to the mix.

It’s totally OK to reach back into previously material you placed on LinkedIn (or elsewhere, so long as you own it), link to it with a fresh, new comment, updated to make it more meaningful now, beyond what it was before.

Repurpose what is timeless. Don’t recreate the wheel, modernize it.

In doing so, you will “ping” on the radar screens of newly found connections, and others across the globe, who begin to rely and expect quality from your comments and the material you offer.

Do more than a quantity of “likes.” That “like” is lame, lazy, easy, and definitely not a differentiator. “No one dances with wallflowers,” as my Ozzie-esque father used to say, to encourage me to be more interactively social in my youth. He was right.

I notice. Others notice. You will notice an uptick in engagement, but practice this routinely. Comment on, and share my posts and I will reciprocate.

Experiment and give of yourself. Be a sharer. It’s a conversation. After all, it’s called social media. Do as I suggest; after a while it will reward you handsomely. Do as I do; it works for me.

Then as you grow your influence, you will want to comment and share it a lot.

But you have to start rolling it out sometime. How about today?

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