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Show us all your tricks

magic-2034144_1920I am scheduled to present a short Linkedin session, pro bono, partially my intention is to set a standard in the group, and the real reason to make my services known since I am new to this group.

When I agreed to the session, the leader said, “Teach us your tricks.”

I did not reply immediately out of surprise.

Who does that? I earned those stripes. I don’t give all the goodies away.

Rather, I have titled the session “LinkedIn at 30,000 Feet: What You Must Be Doing NOW” to show the common denominator of attendees what they need to beef up, an effort on their part well before they are ready to learn tricks. From a sampling of the attendees’ LinkedIn profiles, I would say they have to walk before they can run.

But…before they can take a giant step towards their renovated LinkedIn profile, they must embrace their fears and make the reluctance to express themselves vanish forever. That’s a message I use to open my act. I can’t make individual fears disappear without the audience members participating.

Why? With added LinkedIn awareness and practice rewriting their profile, they may just walk more upright, better knowing their “why I do what I do” and how to express it, by the time I am wrapping up.

They will get a terrific presentation, enough to spur them on to want to make profile changes now, bringing themselves to a higher level; but 30-40 minutes will not make them magicians with startling tricks up their sleeves.

Sleight of hand is not how I coach or train. I’m not a no-knead baker. A solid basis of understanding leads to planning the profile, and so few are ready to spend that time.

No one will be sawn in half. It’s all mental. 

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  1. How about any day next week @ 1pm?


    – your fellow Snarker
    BTW – we might not want to use this…Miriam-Webster’s definition of “Snark” is “an attitude or expression of mocking irreverence and sarcasm.”

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