3rdpartyintro_LinkedINNote: I show this slide in every presentation and this one seems to get the attendees on their feet most, snapping a mobile phone picture.

I am connected to these two great colleagues. I want to facilitate a collaboration: Deirdre needs to meet Rhonda, and vice versa, to pursue a mutual interest I have identified. My job is to put them together on LinkedIn.

It’s simple and instructions can be found here from the LinkedIn Help Desk.

You just take the initiative to put great people together.

Let LinkedIn provide you the framework and personalize the message to meet the needs.

Hint: I always make it easier for both targets by adding their LinkedIn URLs. It takes a couple of minutes. Remember, someone has to kick off the process.

Situation IRL (in real life): the other day in a “get-to-know-you-before we connect-on-LinkedIn” phone call with a Long Island commercial real estate agent A, when I asked him how I could help him, he asked me to connect him to other agents in CT.

Agents B and C came to mind. 

Easy. Done in two messages from me like the one above. Agent A took the initiative and started the conversations with B and C separately. I await good news. 


Ask how you can help. Be a generous referrer.