notingisawritteninstoneIf ever there were a time to incent you to learn, experiment, and renovate on LinkedIn, this is it. And to write about it.

Not a writer?

Well, your world has been turned inside out. The world as we knew it in February into March, that is. Your tried-and-true, day-in-day-out routine was set in stone. Was. No more.

It took a microscopic particle like a virus to change your entire lifestyle. Much larger things that challenged you never posed the same threat, although they may have at the time seemed daunting.

Now we have adopted a new world order, or disorder. We can bitch and moan about it, or we can adapt. Our old ways are no longer written in stone.

Humans adapt.

I also prefer to adapt by using my time wisely to self-educate, increase the strength of the connection chain around me (old and new colleagues to nurture), and frequently look at, and rewrite, my profile for the pandemic age we just entered.

And I write (as I am doing now). Because it releases something that helps me cope with the rapid events and the need to adapt. In essence, I am thinking out loud on the screen.

Write about yourself. I asked a coaching client whose brick-and-mortar location is currently (temporarily) shuttered for the time being. She had to adopt her business mindset to the world as we now know it, react, and adapt her business model out of sheer necessity. Now her coaching assignment is to think out loud as she rewrites her LinkedIn profile on the screen as well, to articulate her revised “why” on her LinkedIn profile: in words in her narrative, via video, and a 30-minute podcast she just finished to attract the clients who rely on her, in a way they can now use her services, her new “how.”

The entrepreneurial truism of meeting the client in the way they expect to be approached has never been so real. The altruism of really helping clients has become a major part of the change in business in a few short weeks.

Entrepreneurs continue to create new adaptations.

You should too. You should sketch out an outline to explain on your LinkedIn profile “why” you do what you do, and in today’s new order, one more step is describing how you do that “why” to keep the clients and prospect mesmerized and buying.

That is not easy. But you can tell it like no one else can, so do it, and you can always change it later, because it is not written in stone.