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Back to Basics Tuesday: re-educate yourself

Online TrainingTime at home. More time on your hands to get things done you have procrastinated.

There’s a plethora of online courses and webinars, podcasts, and self-help opportunities.

No, I am not urging you to take advantage of these. I am imploring you to.

Re-educating yourself can take many forms:

  • It can be as easy as contacting a long-lost colleague to update on what each other is doing in this house arrest we find ourselves. Keep those networking skills honed!
  • Or making time to meet and get to know someone that appeared on a Zoom call whose work is complementary to yours, so you can explore opportunities. Keep practicing business conversation skills in the privacy of your home office!
  • It can be your asking a connection to appear as a guest blogger, vlogger, or contributor to a serialized production you maintain. Or to re-appear there after a long interim since their last installment. What goes around comes around, right?
  • Or you can enroll in online e-courses, such as LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda), or any other place that self-education is offered and is yours for the taking,  or for the subscribing if you deem it appropriate to spend the money.  Ahem, like my online e-courses.

Learn to bake bread.

Learn to use Zoom better.

Learn to increase social media selling opportunities.

Educate yourself. Re-educate yourself to the current state-of-the art. Do not be left behind.

Or teach others online. I am working on two projects in that direction, so stay tuned.

Learn to do anything in between.

You owe it to yourself.


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