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#EmotionalIntelligence: a series; part 11 of 13


Note: Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) is the belief that our ability to channel and control our emotions will have a direct effect on our success.  I came across an article on by my connection Justin Bariso and I wanted to add my 2 cents, from a LinkedIn currency perspective, to make this concept, as expanded upon in his great article, fit the audience here. Every day for the next 13 business days I will offer how, and where, and especially why, you should take advantage of his article’s teaching on your LinkedIn profile page. Thank you, Justin for agreeing to my offering further comments. 

Making and keeping commitments

Ah, one of my favorite topics! And I see reliability and trust abused and ignored by so many others.

If I say I will call you at 300 pm on Monday, you have a ringing phone in your hands at that very time. If I say I’ll have a proposal to you on Tuesday, you probably have it Monday afternoon.

Others wiggle and squirm with excuses and I hate to ask twice (or more unlikely never again) and their ability to impress me as a great colleague is ruined before they get a chance to work with me or me with them.

If they can’t keep their word, why bother? I can find another one who can, given the natural selection process of the consultant kingdom, ask for a referral from another well-respected colleague who keeps a stable of other well-respected colleagues who have earned their place for referral.

If I have to rely on someone else to answer so I can provide the deliverable(s) in the promised timeframe, I shorten the deadline to the answerer (my big now-open secret) and then I have the span of one extra day to knock heads so I can get what I need in the time I promised!

I expect to deliver to others as I expect to be delivered to me, same quality, same timeliness, same commitment to detail. Period.

Always have, always will. You?

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