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#EmotionalIntelligence: a series; part 1 of 13


Note: Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) is the belief that our ability to channel and control our emotions will have a direct effect on our success.  I came across an article on by my connection Justin Bariso and I wanted to add my 2 cents, from a LinkedIn currency perspective, to make this concept, as expanded upon in his great article, fit the audience here. Every day for the next 13 business days I will offer how, and where, and especially why, you should take advantage of his article’s teaching on your LinkedIn profile page. Thank you, Justin for agreeing to my offering further comments. 

Think about your feelings and express them

Being self-aware and socially-aware, and I will add social media-aware, is tenet number one in all you do on LinkedIn. You must master the use of LinkedIn best practices to be taken seriously. Novices stick out (in a bad way). Lame profiles (resume-y copy paste jobs) earn you no admiration or following.

I cannot tell you how often I have to pull a major aspect of a client’s career out in our preliminary exercises and expand upon it, to which they initially resist, but after cajoling and relating how this is crucial to understanding their career story, they relent, then seem to feel relieved, and they expand upon it themselves. They were just waiting for the right opportunity to show it, and they found it in LinkedIn!

Your overt and subliminal feelings about yourself were stifled by decades of teachers, clergy, and parents telling us not to talk (or act) too confidently about ourselves. Thus you need to tell about your wins between the lines, often in terms of successes and stories. You need to reiterate your feelings about yourself on your profile, often without direct repetition, and thus it will translate to your telling LinkedIn readers your worth to them and to the market.

Reinforced by skills endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn, it is in essence you saying on your profile why you do what you do and the others saying “See his/her why, well, let me tell you how well he/she does that why!”

How powerful is that? You and others speaking about why you!

So tell us or we will not know, a recommendation I place on this blog often.

Be emotionally mature in demonstrating your self-confidence to be a major player in the reader’s business sphere and you will receive referrals from colleagues and queries from your LinkedIn profile readers who search for people like you.

But you have to want to tell us, with feeling, emotional intelligence requirement #1.

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